Our aluminum cans

The oil is sold in aluminum cans in three different capacities:

•Small 1 LT
•Medium 3 LT
•Large 5 lt

Ancient Recipes
And what's more healthy if not toast, which is drizzled Extra Olive oil, produced with old methods?

Oil Bio The casalino stands out for the fruity flavor, delicate and very harmonious. From color clear, moderate and dense emerald green, adapts to any kind of food, and preferably, to be consumed raw on salads, grills, soups, roast…

Recommendations for a good "Bruschetta"(A light Italian dish of toasted bread with a savoury topping).

The oil is obtained Casalino the predominantly Moraiolo olives, Leccino and Frantoio that are harvested by hand and molite within 48 hours of collection. The incidence of Moraiolo, exceed 60% of plants present, this feature is the basis for obtaining the DOP, additional certification that the company is preparing to obtain.

The milling is done by exploiting the system of continuous line, which allows to effectively take control of the quality, being able to speak the important phase extraction controlling the temperature and quantity of water. This method is not also any contact with other oils, allowing each time carefully washing machine.

After extracting the extra virgin olive oil is still cloudy, but relatively easy to make traparent spontaneously for decanting simple: oil is well placed to rest in stainless steel containers.
The product should be consumed within possibly 18 months from.

The oil is sold in aluminum cans in three different capacities.
Small 1 LT
Medium 3 LT
Large 5 lt